Friday, May 30, 2008


I created this blog to have a central spot for collecting, sharing and creating resources I use in my FSL (French as a Second Language) classroom. I've found a ton of websites out there for other kinds of teachers; not as many for those teaching French. I've done websites before, but a blog is a little easier to add to on the fly, and there are some cool ways to search it now that tags are pretty much a standard feature. So I hope other French teachers out there find this helpful. I welcome comments and feedback, as well as pointers to cool things I haven't yet found.

As to my teaching philosophy, I believe that as a primary/junior teacher, my job is not to much to drill sergeant the kids into a perfection they won't achieve at this young age, but to keep French fun and get them interested. I use a lot of different techniques such as drama and gesture (I am trained in the A.I.M. method), music, multimedia and games. For the younger students, I have a puppet called M. Le Bec who is our class mascot. I'll post more about him in a separate post!

Anyway, the best way to keep up with new additions to this blog is to add it to a blogreader or subscribe to an RSS feed. I'll try and post at least once a week, even in the summer. Let's all share our best resources and get ourselves ready for next year!

(by the way, I am still looking for a permanent contract; if you are in the Toronto area and like what you see on this blog, feel free to drop me an email!)