Monday, June 16, 2008

GAME: Vrai ou Faux?

I often have down-time with my classes where we have already packed up, but their classroom teachers are late coming to get them. Here is a fun game I play with them. Basically, they understand a lot more French than what they can produce on their own, so I am always trying to get them to use complete sentences when they answer me. So I started a 'Vrai ou Faux' game with them where I give them a sentence, and they have to do a thumbs up if it is vrai and a thumbs down if it is faux. For example:

[name] porte une jupe
[name] mange une pizza maintenant
[name] a un chien
[name] a deux soeurs


We played it for a good week or so before I had the brainstorm to ask if anyone wanted to 'be the leader.' Magic! Somehow, if I ask 'does anyone want to make a sentence' it would be nooooo, too scary. But does anyone want to be the leader, they all want that, and they ALL (even my more shy students) capably gave me FULL sentences they thought up themselves. Some examples :

Pas de la glace ici
Joanna porte un bijou
C'est mon fete aujourd'hui
J'aime la pizza
M. Le Bec est acrobate
Logan n'est pas elephant
John porte les pantalons

These came from my SK kids. Five year olds! I am so proud of them. I am amazed that I can speak to them only in French in proper sentences, and they understand everything. And now they are starting to get confidence saying sentences on their own instead of just one word answers. Go kids!

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