Wednesday, July 30, 2008


For my summer AQ course 'Computers in the Classroom' I had to prepare a curriculum-based lesson plan. I chose to do an extension lesson on a popular song I teach to my older classes: Y'a un Chat' by Charlotte Diamond. The kids enjoy this song a lot and I have a Powerpoint that accompanies it, showing the lyrics, karaoke-style, as the song plays.

For my extension lesson, I used one of the pre-fab 'color me' backgrounds in Kid Pix: a cat. The lesson walks the students through labeling the parts of the cat and colouring it in. The lesson reviews body part words (as well as teaching some new ones) and is a great opportunity to review colours ("de quelle couleur sont les oreilles de ton chat?") and numbers ("le chat a combien des dents?") As far as computer skills go, it will review and/or teach students to use the text tool and paint bucket tool in Kid Pix.

Download the lesson and try it out!