Saturday, September 13, 2008

Conversations with a JK child

I taught SK-5 last year and this year am additionally teaching JK. It's a little different. You can definitely see difference even with them being only a year younger than the SK kids, and they say some really random things (for example, my ball broke and one of them said 'oh, it's too bad I am not a fairy princess, if I was, I would fix it for you.') I have done a lot of action-based games with them (Simon says has been a big hit because they can understand all the French just by copying my actions). The big push the first week though was 'je m'appelle...' primarily because I wanted them to learn *my* name! So, on Friday, I had this conversation after school with a JK child:

Me: So I would say 'Je m'appelle Joanna, right?
Child: Oh, yes. Um hm.
Me: But that's not what YOU would say, is it?
Child: Oh, no. No, no, no
Me: How come?
Child: Because my name's not Joanna
Me: It's Sara
Child: Right
Me: So what would you say instead of 'Je m'appelle Joanna'?
Child: Je m'appelle Sara
Me: And other people, they could do it too, couldn't they? With their names?
Child: Oh, yes
Me: So, you've got a mommy, haven't you?
Child: Uh huh
Me: And what's her name?
Child: Hana
Me: So, she would not say 'Je m'appelle Joanna, would she?
Child: Oh, no
Me: And she would not say 'Je m'appelle Sara' either, would she?
Child: No. No, no, no
Me: Well, what would she say?
Child: Je m'appelle Mommy!

Oh! So close!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WEBSITE: French Teaching Activities

I created this website as part of an assignment for the additional qualification course Computers in the Classroom. I intend to use it with my 3/4/5 split class this year---I want some one-on-one time with the older half/younger half, so I thought I could give them lab time once a week where I work with one half and the other half can do self-directed learning with the computers. They have a choice of the following items:
  • Read something
  • Watch a music video
  • Watch a movie
  • Listen to a Podcast
  • Play a game
Under each category, there are pre-selected links for them. I do use YouTube as a teaching tool, so be aware that if you plan to use something like this with your class, you'll need to have a conversation with them first about 'safe surfing' i.e. you click on the links your teacher gives you, and nothing more. My students know from last year that I consider activities like this to be special, and we don't *have to* do them. If I get any hassles, I turn it off and that's the end. So I am not anticipating any funny business! And I also will be teaching computers as well as French this year, so we will have plenty of time to talk about how to behave on-line.