Monday, January 26, 2009

Lesson Plan: Gym en Francais

The senior kids (plus both gym teachers) are all away on a field trip today, and the kindergarten teachers were fretting about their kids missing gym. I thought this might be a fun chance for me to do something different with my little ones, and reinforce/expand some of the more action-oriented gesture vocabulary. After all, the kids were already in gym clothes and everything, and it is not often that this big, open space is free for me :) So here is what we did:

1) Warm-up. This is a game we do in class, where I call out certain commands (leve toi, assieds-toi, tourne, saute, touche les pieds etc) and they comply. In class, I sometimes let the children lead it, but I did it myself for this to save time

2) Game 1. I wanted to introduce balle, lance and attrape. So I threw the ball and had them all 'court' after it. First child to reach it would throw it again. This was basically just an excuse to run around the gym, but I had to keep up with them to mediate any disputes about who got the 'balle' first.

3) Game 2. Introduces 'roule.' I had them sitting on the line and it was like a relay, you couldn't go until the person before you came back. They had to scootch along the floor rolling the ball to the other line, then back to the starting line. If they wanted to cheer on their friends, I suggested 'vite!'

4) Game 3. Introduces 'donne un coup de pied' for kick. Same game, but they have to kick the ball to the line instead of rolling it. If you have some over-enthusiastic kickers, as I did, you may want to try the gentler 'roule avec les pieds' instead of actual kicking.

5) Game 4. Rest from the running, and review for lance/attrape vocabulary. They stand in a line and throw the ball down the line, making sure it does not land on the 'plancher'. If they get all the way up the 'ligne' without dropping it, they get a point.

5) Game 5. A combo relay game. They went to the ligne rouge in the middle, jumped over it, ran to the ligne noir at the wall, bounced the ball three times, then ran back and gave the balle to the next person.

6) Cool down. We did a few simple stretches. I managed to get in quite a variety just with basic instructions like 'met les main comme ca' or 'les pieds comme ca' or 'les mains en haut.'

What fun! I have two more K classes this afternoon. We'll see how it goes! I keep a t-shirt here for the occasional lunchtime video and I am thinking of changing into the workout stuff. I got some real exercise here!

And the kids did amazing. We actually had the whole class in 100% French and they used the new vocabulary quite easily. I'll have to see if I can get the gym more often.

WEBSITE: French Teaching Resources, Part 2

I blogged previously about a website I set up to use with my students while teaching. For Term 2, I have created a sequel. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

At last, the light dawns...

From one of my SK children after yesterday's class:

Child: Joanna, I figured something out today

Me: Oui?

Child: When you go like this with your hands [mimes counting out with fingers] and you're talking, you say the same words every time you do that. It's almost like you are saying numbers. Like counting!

Me: Oui!

Child: So un is one, and deux is two, and trois is three...

At last, the light dawns :) In AIM methodology, you aren't supposed to explain things to them in English---you're supposed to let them figure it out based on the context. So, even if it takes them awhile, you're supposed to let it take awhile :) This child may have taken four months to realize what was going on with this particular context, but she won't forget the numbers now!