Saturday, January 10, 2009

At last, the light dawns...

From one of my SK children after yesterday's class:

Child: Joanna, I figured something out today

Me: Oui?

Child: When you go like this with your hands [mimes counting out with fingers] and you're talking, you say the same words every time you do that. It's almost like you are saying numbers. Like counting!

Me: Oui!

Child: So un is one, and deux is two, and trois is three...

At last, the light dawns :) In AIM methodology, you aren't supposed to explain things to them in English---you're supposed to let them figure it out based on the context. So, even if it takes them awhile, you're supposed to let it take awhile :) This child may have taken four months to realize what was going on with this particular context, but she won't forget the numbers now!

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