Thursday, March 5, 2009

MISC: Schedule for French Week

It was French Week at our school last week, and all eyes were on me as I prepared a full week of special events and activities for my students. Here's what we did:

Monday: Made decorations for Thursday's assembly. I had animal drawings for the students to colour in (all of the songs for the assembly were about animals) and some of the classes needed costumes for their performance.

Tuesday: Chef Suzanne from Chef a L'Ecole came to school! She did a workshop with all of my students from SK and up, and it was a huge success. Several teachers said it was the best French Week program we have ever had, and most of the children were so into it that they did not even notice until after the fact that Chef Suzanne did not use any English when speaking with them!

Wednesday: Gym Day en francais. I played a variety of games with the children in the gym. The older students were away on a field trip the previous time I had done this; it was a new experience for them, and they had an amazing time.

Thursday: French assembly! Every class performed a song or skit. The high points were my Grade 2 class performing an adapted version of this song complete with penguin costumes and a dance, and my Grade 3/4 students performing Monty Python's Dead Parrot Sketch in French, complete with a stuffed parrot to poke and throw :)

Friday: It was 'free dress day and pizza lunch' day, as it always is following an assembly. We relaxed with an entertaining video exploring Montreal.