Friday, May 22, 2009

Put in my place by the Four-Year-Olds

We were talking about food, because that's the JK book right now. As usual, I had come to class with an example. "I am going to a fete," I told them. "And I need to bring something to mange. What should I bring?"

We went through their whole little book in search of suggestions. I got to the cookie page. "Ph, biscuits! Maybe I should buy some biscuits and take them!"

"Noooooo," say the kids. "You don't BUY biscuits! You MAKE them! At your maison!"

"I am not a very good chef," I tell them. "Maybe I need to bring all of you to my maison to come and help me."

The children share a look between them. Then:

"Oh, come on. It's not THAT hard!"

Put in my place by the four-year-olds. The life of a kindergarten teacher...