Sunday, June 14, 2009

RESOURCE: 100+ Links to Use with Kids

I love using the internet and computers with my students, and earlier this tear, blogged about some websites I created to use with my classes. I had long been desiring a more on-the-go and dynamic way to keep these valuable links up to date and to add to them on the fly, and the news that Geocities will soon be closing has prompted me to migrate the links over to my profile at Delicious. I can add to these links using any web browser (rather than waiting until I at home with a webpage editor), and I can easily remove broken links. I can also filter which links the students see by sending them directly to the link for a tagged set. For example:
When I let my students use resources like this, we have a standard rule that they are only allowed to click on links that I provide for them. So if a link sends them to YouTube, they can watch that clip, and that clip only. If they click on anything else, they lose computer privileges. If you plan to use these links with your students, I encourage you to surf safely and to teach THEM how to do so with a rule like this one. Our school IT person had a fit when I told him I wanted to send students to YouTube, but once I showed him that these were quality links and that the students were being taught to surf them safely (which is an important computer skill to teach them!) he unblocked YouTube for me and let me use it with the kids, who greatly enjoyed the experience and never even thought about clicking away from the safe links I provided them.

How could you teach with these? The possibilities are endless! My students particularly enjoyed the various types of music videos. A favourite activity of mine was to let them pick their favourite and have them keep a list while they watched of every word they know which they heard during the video. You could have each student keep their own list and then have a contest to see who can get the most words!

Feel free to post to the comments if you have other ideas for using these links!

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