Monday, September 21, 2009

Did you know...

JK child comes up to me on the playground today: "Hey, did you know that Bonjour means hello in French?"

Noooooo, I didn't know. Thanks for explaining :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ARTICLE: The Sony Reader, a Teacher's Pet

I have written an article for Teleread about using my Sony Reader to store unit plans. I love how detailed the teaching guides for my curriculum program are, but they are so big and bulky. It's hard for teachers without a dedicated classroom to have them handy at all times, and it's a little obtrusive to have it out in front of the students. I also found that a lot of the information, while useful to have available during my planning, was not necessarily something I needed in the moment, in the classroom. So I was able to condense the unit guide substantially for the cheat sheets I was taking into class with me for stuff like the kinesthetic review word lists.

I finally had the brainstorm to type these up and put them on my Sony Reader. Now, I don't need to worry about photocopying multiple copies for my two Grade 1 classes so I can keep track of who is where---the Reader picks up each guide just where I left off. The Reader is small so it's easier and less obtrusive to have in class with me. And the children are so used to seeing me with gadgets (I use a lot of tech when I teach) that they don't even notice. Best of all, I can have all my planning stuff with me both at home and at school.

Check out the article!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First week back!

I have been plotting my first-week-back shenanigans with the puppets. M. Le Bec will surely have some news about his vacation to share with the children when classes resume. This will be a good time to teach my returning students some new words. I am thinking I will have M. Le Bec be very sad, and when we ask him why he is triste, he will answer that he misses the plage. But wait a minute, M. Le Bec, you were not AT the plage! You were at camp, with me! I'll have some other places He Has Not Been that he will try and say he has, and the children will learn some new vocabulary. Finally, I'll tell my errant little oiseau that if he can't behave himself, he won't be able to stay. I'm sure he'll straighten up and fly right at that!