Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MISC: French Week '09

I blogged last year about French Week, an annual event at our school. This year, it's happening early (aka now) and I thought I would share the schedule for this year's events. There are some repeats here: Chef Suzanne is back for more French cooking fun, and we're having another gym day since that was such a hit as well. But I am trying some new things, including (gulp) a craft. I am terrible at crafts, so I really hope our bonhomme comes out nicely tomorrow. So, French Week:

General: Announcements and O Canada in French; posters throughout school
Monday: Chef a L'Ecole visit
Tuesday: French computer games
Wednesday: French gym games
Thursday: Bonhomme craft
Friday: French stories for house games

It was a challenge to build excitement without the carrot of an assembly to look forward to. I thinkt eh kids are getting very into the activities and having a great time!