Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ADMIN: About Comments

I welcome comments from anyone reading this blog. Lately, however, I have been getting spammed with comments in Chinese. I ran some through Google Translator, and they appeared to be Viagra ads and such. I am getting approximately two of these per day.

To whomever is sending them, please stop. The blog comments are moderated and I will not approve them. You are wasting your time, and mine.

I know not everyone out there in Internetland speaks English, but with tools like Google Translator, it is easy enough to get your legitimate, non-spam comments across in one of the three languages I do speak. So, new blog policy:

Comments will only be approved if they are not spam and if they are posted in English, French or Spanish.

Any comment posted in a language other than these three will be rejected, unread. If you have something legitimate to say, use the internet and get it translated. Otherwise, don't waste your time as I won't post them :)

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