Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More About Music Friday

I have gotten several emails asking me more about the music I do with my students. I finally had the time to sit down and put together some playlists! I have each class every day and reserve one day for the music. I introduce a new song every 2-3 weeks and then we practice the songs we already know. I also show a short video at the end, usually something off YouTube like Pigloo or a French Disney. They love it! Even the littlest students know how to say 'ordinateur' when they see it coming!

Here are the songs I do with each grade:


Alouette and Alouette Comique (Jacquot)
BINGO (Kidzup)
Bonhomme (Gregg LeRock)
Fais Dodo (from a library CD, not sure by whom)
Je suis un Pizza (Charlotte Diamond)
Je t'aime Beaucoup (Jacquot)
La Belle Pieuvre (Charlotte Diamond)
Mouton Noir (Kidzup)
Napoleon (Jacquot)
Pomme de Reinette (Kidzup)
Qu'il y ait Toujours le Soleil (Charlotte Diamond)
Frere Jacques/Rock and Roll Frere Jacques (Matt Maxwell)
Une Poule sur un Mur (from a library CD, not sure by whom)


Au Bord de la Baie (Jacquot)
Au Clair de la Lune (Kidzup)
Comment ca va (Jacquot)
Embrasse 4 Fois (Charlotte Diamond)
Kumbaya (Matt Maxwell)
Loudi Lou (Jacquot)
Les Clowns (Jacquot)
Meunier tu dors (Kidzup)
Nageons (Jacquot)
Savez Vous Planter Les Choux (Matt Maxwell)
Si tu Aimes la Musique (Jacquot)
Tout le Monde Aimes les Bananes (Charlotte Diamond)
21 Amis (Jacquot)

Grade 1

Sur le Pont D'Avignon (from a library CD, not sure by whom)
Y'a un Chat (Charlotte Diamond)
Les Crocodiles (from a library CD, not sure by whom)
Fille Brune (Jacquot)
Cinq Bebites (Jacquot)
Mon Merle (Jacquot)
Jouez au Hockey (Jacquot)
Il a Tout L'Univers (Jacquot)
Bonhomme, Bonhomme (Kidzup)
Lundi Matin (Kidzup)
Dans Mon Pays D'Espagne (Marie Martine)
Day-O (Matt Maxwell)
Ma Tante a Perdu un Poulet (Matt Maxwell)
O Canana (from a library CD, not sure by whom)

Grade 2

Remainder of Charlotte Diamond and Gregg LeRock. They are not quite as into it by this point. My 2s won't touch anything without a rock and roll feel. I get into (certainly by second term) other stuff like using Powerpoint shows to work on the actual lyrics more and getting them to do some re-writes.

The big favourites this year were 'Tout le Monde Aimes les Bananes' and Gregg's 'Bonhomme.' 'Je Suis une Pizza' and 'La Belle Pieuvre' are perennial winners.

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