Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Storybooks for Kindergarten

I have been doing storybooks this year with my SK classes. I found they were ready for more than colouring books, but not quite ready for a full AIM play so these stories use AIM vocabulary (and we use the gestures and seulement en francais etc.) but are a bit simpler and more repetitive. The kids have really enjoyed them!

The first story is about our principal's dog, so they all know the real dog and find the story very entertaining. I also used the names of teachers in the school. If you want to use this story with your own classes, you can of course change the names of the dog and other characters.

Daisy La Chienne: Story and Cahier

The second story was written with consultation from the children. The girls wanted a story about a princess and the boys wanted one about a dragon, so I included both! They really enjoyed this one---the humour of what the prince brings the dragon, and then the happy ending really appealed to them

Penelope n'aime pas les Princes: Story and Cahier

The third story is based on a doll house that my Grade 2 class made for M. le Bec, my puppet. All the children helped make accessories for the house and the children love playing with it. It has been a very popular prop. The kids wanted a scarier ending, so I changed it to make it seem like the maison really is haunted---if you want it to be!

M. le Bec at la Maison Hantee: Story and Cahier


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